Saturday, March 17, 2007

Kids Camp

Well, as I type this I am trying to keep my eyes awake, why? Because I’ve returned from 2 nearly sleepless nights at AG Kid’s Camp’s 10th Anniversary! YAYAYAY!

Camp, ah, camp, such a fun time we had 150 kids (HEY! EVERYONE! LISTEN TO US! Okay, never mind, you can go on talking to each other) 8 teams, a, for once, GOOD FOOD!

Ah, but, I fear that some of you don’t know what the heck I am talking about, camp? You say, what is this “Camp” you speak of? Well, allow me to enlighten you. Kid’s Camp is a yearly event run by Dhaka AG Church, we take a bunch of kids during the middle of march out to Gazipur (1hr drive outside of Dhaka) to play games, stay up late, and learn about God. The whole thing begins Thursday afternoon and ends Saturday afternoon.

This year our Theme was Rainforest Rumba, and, getting saturated by God’s presence. We had a guest speaker from the US (a girl, Pastor Ashley) and that was fun, worship was okay (I like nice long worship sessions) but we had proper worship stuff after the Pastor Ashely was done speaking.

And then, of course, we had to have teams…. Ah, joy, teams. You know, now that I think of it, though perhaps for control reasons, it’s a good idea to keep teams, I think it would be best to have more informal teams and the like, and defiantly get rid of the points system (okay, its fun to win, but, it does get boring losing EVERY SINGLE TIME). Anyways, enough of that rant… I had a bad team that was small, and didn’t really do that good, so, obviously we lost. In fact, I don’t think we placed in ANY of the games.

What games did we play? Lets see, we had a water balloon fight (that was okay, but not really fun) an egg toss (that was REALLY fun), dodge ball (not that fun), piggyback relay races (neat idea, but I didn’t like it to much), and this game that involved covering one kids face with shaving cream and having the other kids throw popcorn at him, the team with the most “popcorns” (as we say it in Bangladesh) in the cream, wins. And, we probably played one or two more games, but I can’t think of them.

And then there were the teen (games we play at night when all the other kids were asleep) games… those ROCKED! We played Murder (umm… this didn’t work, and was a big disaster), Steal the bacon (real fun), and some other games. Steal the bacon was the best… that game gets wild, funny, and stuff.

So, that was the fun part of camp. But, we didn’t just have fun, spiritually speaking, we did a lot of stuff, the Camp’s Verse was Hosea umm… shoot…. I don’t know the reference. Okay, it was…. I can’t remember! AH! Something about pressing onwards and the Lord coming like rain. And, ya, lots of spiritual stuff.

Man, it was fun, I wish all you guys (assuming more than 1 person is reading this) could have been there, and we could have used all the jr. councilors and councilors. Anyway… leave a comment if you can, if not, send me an email or something whenever. I’ll be back to my normal schedule soon, doing another Primarch Bio, this one’ll be on Saguinius, the coolest, greatest, and generally speaking, the most loved of all primarchs.