Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Another Life Update

Well Blog, it’s been awhile.

What have I been doing lately? Lots. First off, I ordered my first taste of WFRP off of Amazon a while back. I spent a pretty sum of money, but, hopefully, the Core Rule Book, the Tome of Corruption, and Sigmar’s Heirs will be well worth the cost.

Also, I’ve been playing Neverwinter Nights 2. I’ve promised a review of the game, but, I want to actually win it before doing so. Right now, I’m in the beginning of chapter 2 (of 3) and am a level 10 (of 20). My official classification is an lvl 4 rogue, lvl 5 wizard, and lvl 1 arcane trickster, my race tiefling, which is a human with infernal (read demon) blood.

But what else? Well, this week in 4him we talked about Camp. It was really neat to hear some of the things that other people experienced at camp, and as always, Mark did an amazing job leading worship, he really is blessed to do that every week.

And also, I am doing a report on the weapons of WWI. So, like previous librarians before me, I walk down dark hallways that have not been traversed for centuries to find the ancient tomes that I seek.

Okay, reality check, I am NOT a space marine, the Emperor DOES NOT exist, Khaine is NOT Khorne (or is he?...). But, seriously, I picked up this HUGE WWI book at Words N’ Pages a while back, it’s pretty in depth, and useful.

In other news, I decided to try and again finish Qzar. Its not that I don’t want to finish it, it was just that, for a long time, I was at a loss of who to finish it. I had a middle, end, and beginning, but, I didn’t know how to fill in the gaps between the end of the middle and the beginning of the end, hopefully, I’ll be able to fix that soon.

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