Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Kids Camp

Well, I’m going to Camp tommorrow.

Wait, perhaps, it is possible, that some of you don’t know what Camp is?

Okay, officially, it’s called Kid’s Camp, but, everyone just calls it camp. Kid’s Camp is for 7-15 yr olds (people older can become Junior Councilors, or Councilors, or find some way to get to Camp, by “helping out”).

Also, the word “camp” gives people the idea of outdoors with trees and tents and marshmallows, we have only the outdoors part, oh, wait, there are these tall things that some people call trees… but since I haven’t seen a tree in ummm…. Okay, joking there. But seriously, 2 dorms, one for guys, one for girls, these “dorms” are long hallways with sleeping cots and mosquito nets, and, happen to be to short for tall people like me.

Anyways, Camp’s from Thursday afternoon to early Saturday afternoon (we leave at 2PMish), in between we do all sorts of fun games (8 teams… man, this camp will be HUGE!), and talk about God, do worship, devotions, play sports, eat badly cooked, barely edible Bengali food (okay, its not that bad, but almost, and I’m one of the few people who actually eat the food… so many people bring snacks… which, IMO, should be illegal).

However, the best part is the “teen” games, which, basically, are time for the teens to hang out, late unto the wee hours of the morn. Last year, I found out that some of my friends got like, umm… half an hour of sleep, the also almost missed breakfast (well, at least one of them did).

Anyways, that’s camp, when I return from camp I will give a much more in depth story of what happened, and, most likely, tell you people how badly my team lost (maybe, maybe, just this once, I’ll win... the only time I’ve one a Church compition was kids month so many years ago… Samurai Mountain, with Jonathan Alexander as team captain, of course, it was impossible for my team NOT to win, considering we had all the 12-14 year olds minus 2, those were good times, I’m already getting depressed thinking about it).

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