Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Situation: Normal

So… I now have a new president. For some reason… I want to make some deep philosophical statement. However, since I don’t have anything deeply philospical to say, I won’t say anything of the sort. At all.

Life is going… good. I think. I mean… its normal. And I suppose normal is good. I take the SAT this Saturday, and that is making me nervous, kinda, it’s weird… I don’t know.

What else am I doing? Well… not much really, I mean, like I said, life is normal. I started Oblivion up again, new character, Heavy Armor, Blade, Restoration, the summoning magic, Alchemy, Armorer, and Myscistism. It’s a good concept, and I’m doing a good job with the character. I think I’ve leveling to fast (as in… I got to level six WAY to fast) but I’m enjoying the game.

I think Oblivion is better than Fallout 3. I say this because, while Fallout 3 is a good game, it really is a linear game. There are lots of little side quests, but they are just that, side quests. They aren’t meant to add to the story a lot, but are just extra things that are tacked on if you feel like doing them. In Oblivion, you have extra quests, but between the Main Quest, the 4 Guild Quests (which I love) and just exploring, plus the Shivering Isles, there is so much you can do in Oblivion. I start up the game and go into the Wilderness, just explore, fight some monsters, gather herbs, run through part of a dungeon… its awesome. The game was created so brilliantly. I love it.

Also, I’ve been listening to so, well, different music. Its metal… but OLD metal. As in, 80s stuff. I bought this album from Amazon Holy Diver – Dio and it is amazing. I don’t think anyone else in my family would apprieceate it (and I admit, the vocalist has a weird way of singing, but its cool) but I really love it. Once I get some more money in my paypal account I’m going to get some more stuff… a Metallica Album is on the top of my list.

Oh… I should probably tell you guys about my conquest of the Middle East in Medieval Total War II. I was playing the expansion pack to the game, which allows you to play a bunch of different (and cool) campaigns, one of which is the Crusading era in the Middle East. So I played as the Kingdom of Jerusalem. It was awesome… and really easy. I had some amazing Generals (King Baldwin the Leper and Richard the Lion Hearted) and the two of them ate Egypt really, really fast. I mean, it wasn’t really even funny. Then I invaded Turkey, took over Saudi Arabia and won the game… I conquered the Middle east in the life span of one general… it was crazy. Though, it was fun… I had some good battles.

Personally, after playing all these mini campaign games (the Baltic area, the British isles, middle east, the Americas) I think I like the original the best. The Pope can get on my nerves but I enjoy that verision the best. I had a blast conquering Europe with England and Norway. My Spanish campaign was also quite fun. All my other campaigns were failures… but I think the game is unfair to the other nations (Russia, Turkey and Venice don’t seem to have a fair starting position). Maybe I should try the game as Sicily next time…

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