Sunday, January 25, 2009

Musings of the Future

The SAT was interesting. It’s a weird test because unlike most of the tests I do where you have a few hard questions and usually a decent time limit (if any time limit… I actually only have time limits very little of my tests/exams), instead you have lots of questions and a small time limit. Yes, many of the questions are easy but still… its kinda scary to see a section has 25 questions and you only have 20 minutes to do the work!

Also… its LONG. The SAT is like… 5 and ½ hours long. I got there at 7:45AM and didn’t leave till 1PM… not all of that was testing but still… took a while. They do give breaks (3 breaks) but I could have used one more break… just one more and it would have been really nice.

So, did I do good? Well, I’ll find out soon. I got a 164 on the PSAT, so assuming I haven’t improved at all since the middle of last semester (erm… actually about the beginning of the school year) then I can expect around 1600-1650, but I’m betting I HAVE improved. I think I did pretty good on the math, and know I did good on the critical reading (even if those passage reading questions are purposely confusing, I did good on the PSAT critical reading) the writing… I think I did pretty good. I hope my essay scores at 12, and I have a feeling it’ll get between a 9 and a 12, which is higher than average all around. The rest of the writing stuff… was interesting, why they had a 35 minute and 10 minute section is beyond me… I would have rather 2 25 minute sections.

Also, I realized that I’ve probably taken one of the, if not the most, important exams of my life. I’m taking the SAT again in May, but still, its kinda scary thinking of that… my entire future can almost be summed up in one simple 4 digit number… its also funny thinking about it as this time two years from now I’ll be IN college, doing college stuff and living in the US for an extended time. It’ll be the first time I’ve done that since I was 3. Big difference in my situation there.

In fact, you know, more and more often I think about leaving. I’ve had lots of friends leave Bangladesh. Most of them have gone for school, a very good number of my youth group have gone overseas for education, and I always had to say goodbye to them. But summer 2010 I’ll people will have to say goodbye to me. It’s a weird feeling… think what I’m going to say to all my friends. I think the thing that really hits me is that unlike Matt, Derek, Saion, Mark and the rest of the guys at 4him I don’t have any real reason to come back and stay in Bangladesh after college. Yes, I’ll come back, I’d be a fool not to. But I’m not going to live in Bangladesh. I’m not planning on working in BD OR India in the near future. I know my destiny (if you will) lies in the 1st world. The US, America, developed parts of Asia, but not Bangladesh. The thought of having to leave BD “for good” is both exiticing and sad. Bittersweet is probably the best word to use I suppose.
And to completely change the topic… I’m planning on dying my hair purple for AG Kid’s Camp (annual weekend retreat thingie for kids aged 7-15… all the youth go as councilors… but only the full time councilors really have a lot of work… the junior councilors just get to tell the little kids what to do. :p). Derek, I think Jacob, Julius, Naomi and Michael also have promised to do so. It’ll be fun. We can be the Purple People or something. :P


Manwathiel said...

Ack. You've scared me now =P. "entire future can almost be summed up in one simple 4 digit number" that's just...scary? Well, I'm sure you did well on the SAT. Now just forget about it until you get your scores back ;).

The purple people? I like it. So are you doing spray-in-wash-out-next-week purple or stay-in-much-longer-than-wanted purple?

Isaac, the masterofweirdness said...

No... its the long time stuff for me at least.

Worst case scenario? I shave my head afterwards... I dunno...

And yes, the whole "4 digit number" thing IS scary. People tell you its NOT true... but honestly, it kinda is.

I get my scores back next week sometime... or is it this week? I forget... I'll tell you how I do. :)

Manwathiel said...

Or you could just wear your fuzzy green hat all the time and no one would know that your hair was purple ;).

Hmm... I suppose I will just have to wait and see how it is for me (oh great, I'm rhyming).

Do tell me! I'm sure you did great.