Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years Eve

Just about 18 hours ago, I was at my church wishing people a Happy New Year. Once all this was done, food (well... snacks) were consumed and most people had left the church was mine! MINE MINE ALL MINE!

Actually... wait... we had some other people there... lots of other people. Mostly (actually, wait... ALL) were part of 4him, and we had a blast.

First, we just kinda hung out a bit... Nathan and the rest of the drummers present (plus some others) played on the drum set and stuff... that was really cool. Then, we went outside and played some soccer (which we of course call football). Football was very fun. :) Because we had such a high number of players we divided ourselves into three teams and had one team rest while the others played. My team lost both of our games... but we all really enjoyed ourselves anyways. We had a decent team, but I think what caused us to lose was a weak defense.

Then, then we played Wii. That was great. Actually, it was beyond great, it was just plain old crazy. We played the stupidest game... it was the 100m dash on this olypics game... we were really loud... it was great though.

Then, after wii, we watched Madagascar II. That was a decent movie, had some good laughs and all that, so I enjoyed it. After that, I forget what we did... I think more wii... a lot of people took a nap. After a while I went out for breakfast (which was quite decent) and then we came home. I went to sleep at this point. I think it was like 7:45 when I got home, I got out of bed at around 1PM... lol. And now its 7:24 and we are about to have dinner.

I had a great time. :)


Manwathiel said...

Sounds like you had a good time! Although as for Madagaskar... *no comment*

Isaac, the masterofweirdness said...

what is wrong with that show? its a clean (clean comedies are far, far, far to rare) and its funny.

Funny being the primary word here. And, like I said (or did I?) it was the only movie we had, and its not like movie stores stay open until... 3AM?

Manwathiel said...

*mutters* It's disturbing I tell you!! Lion imagining eating his friends... Yes, I am referring to the first one, I haven't seen the second one. And the BABY DUCK! It ate the duck! The cute, adorable, innocent baby duck! *rants about children's movies*
The penguins, however, are another story. *likes the penguins*
Yup, I'm prejudiced. I just dislike that movie greatly for vauge reasons. And that song about New York gets stuck in my head for months on end...tis painful.

Isaac, the masterofweirdness said...

Sing with me Katherine:

I like to move it, move it/i like to move, move it/I to... MOVE IT!

The. best. party. song. ever!

I don't remember a duck....

And yes, the penguins are amazing. :P