Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Just came back from Caleb’s (Schmidt) house after a sleepover… lol… more like stay for twenty-four hours… cuz its now nearly six, and I went over at like… 4:30 :P

Anyways… it was amazing. We played on Michael’s Wii console, mostly Wii Sports (Golf and Tennis were the favorites!), but we just talked a lot and we also watched National Treasure some.

Tennis was good, we had a Round-Robin tournament, me, Caleb, Nathan, Michael, and Uncle Silo. I believe Uncle Silo and Caleb went into the finals, and then Caleb won, but it was a good game. I didn’t expect Uncle Silo to get so good so fast… he did very well.

Then, golf… golf was amazing. I didn’t expect it to be so fun, but I loved it! The first game we played was only me, Nathan, and Michael, a nine hole game, and I lost… we all did horrid, actually, cuz I believe the final scores were around 20-25 points…

We also watched National Treasure, which was good… I love that show. We watched it in Nathan’s room, were we all slept (Uncle Silo and Auntie Corina slept in Caleb’s room because they had painters doing there room). But it was nice, because we had AC… so the room was actually almost cold.

Then came the next day, I got up at around 9:30AM (after going to sleep at like… 3:30AM… so 6 hours of sleep… not bad) and had breakfast and a nice, long, conversation with Uncle Silo. After that, Caleb and Nathan got up and we played Wii again… some tennis, some bowling, but our big thing was a 4 person game of golf, all 9 holes.

This game was much better, Caleb lost, because he took some risky shots in two games that ended up messing him up. Michael came next, because despite his strong start, he messed up the last two games and lost his holding of 1st place. Actually, he almost got last place, but at the last moment, he managed to get better than Caleb, he had 9 points to Caleb’s 10. Nathan and I did much better. Both of us were pretty close for most of the game, and at the final game we were tied, 5 points each, since we both made Par, it ended with us sharing 1st place.

Also, we had Samoan Cocoa! It was great stuff… real hot chocolate. Basically, Caleb took pure cocoa butter, graded it, put it in water and boiled it, then poured it into a cup, added a bit of milk and sugar, and there you go! It tasted great… I’ll have to get some more… eh?

And then, realizing that it really was time for us to go (and Caleb mentioning that he needed a haircut…) me and Michael walked back to our house… and now here we are… waiting for the power to come back on… how I hate the lack of power we have…

Anyways… Brian comes back on the 1st of July, and Caleb Meyers should be back with him or sooner… I can’t wait… we’ll have a good month together before both of them leave for College.

And that seems to be all I have to report… write more later.

PS Nightwish rocks! Everyone should listen to them… in terms of musical creativity, I think Nightwish has every other band I’ve heard beat… the combination of heavy metal guitar riffs, opera style female vocals, and classical instruments on the keyboard makes for one extremely unique sound. A good example, IMO, would be their songs Bye, Bye, Beautiful and Amaranth.

PSS: I’ve restarted my Roplaying Blog… read it at:

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Manwathiel said...

Six hours of sleep for a sleepover? Not bad at all! I'm surprised that you could sleep, though, without dreaming about golf after playing it so much ;).

Ah yes, Nightwish... Funny, I was looking it up just yesterday, can't really remember why though... I've never heard anything but good about them, so I really should do some more research.