Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Life in Dhakal... back to normal

Well now, I’ve been in Dhaka over a week now and I figure I should tell you guys what’s going on.

First off, today I’m going gaming in the afternoon and I’ll probably get my butt handed to me by a guy who goes to church with me, one Derek, in a game of DOTA. I’ll be playing sniper, whom I think I’ve gotten pretty good with… wraith bands, regen ring, power treads, and mask of madness make for a decent built… if I have more time I’ll grab butterfly, it’s unlikely that I’ll get that though…

Anyways… I’ve seen all my friends now, I went to Church and 4him on Friday and Saturday respectively, so I’ve seen Siaon, Mark, Max, Jacob, Julius, Austin, Evans, Sayed, yep… seen them all…

Also, I won the campaign for Company of Heroes, it was fun… I love that game so much. And, finally, I’m playing Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, on my Wii… it’s a good game. It was funny, I read some reviews on the game that commented on its supposed “difficulty level”, and yet, I haven’t encountered anything that is beyond the normal, expected difficulty level… its Fire Emblem, one mistake and you’re in trouble anyways… lol. In fact, it’s been made easier because I can, for the first time ever, save whenever I feel like it! Also, I’ve gotten some REALLY good units REALLY EARLY… I’m talking a level 14 General, three GOOD laguz units, a Level 5 Sage (expert mage), a Level 6 Rogue (super thief who’s pretty useful), a level 5ish Swordmaster… etc... they all friggin rock.

Hmm… if you don’t know what fire emblem is, it’s a series of Grid-based (IE the entire map is made of squares, with each unit taking up one square) turn-based (I go, you go, etc) RPG game where you command a small unit of soldiers and fight your way through other soldiers… each unit has a unique playstyle and will use different weapons. For instance, a swordmaster has a good chance of landing a critical strike (anywhere from 11-35% chance depending on the weapon) and a good dodge, but has low health and armor, the armored knight on the other hand, moves slow, but tends to have a good chance to hit and has good defense… lots of attacks will just bounce off the guy. The biggest thing that sets this game apart from other RPGs similar to it is that once you lose a unit, it’s gone, forever, so sorry. As in, if my Level 1 Sniper gets killed, then I’ve just lost my sniper, FOREVER. Yes, eventually, I might have another sniper or archer (the weaker version of the sniper) join my ranks… but it’s unlikely. Because of this, healing units and keeping weaker units (archers, mages, healers, low-level units) out of direct combat is important, and yet, if they don’t fight, they don’t gain XP… which is rather important for them to have.

In fact, it’s all about balancing out your units, using your powerful units to defeat large amounts of enemy units, but at the same time making sure that your lower level units get the XP that they need to level up at a decent pace. As far a strategy goes, the game is 100% stats. You just put the stats in and figure out how much damage the enemy will do to you, which units will take that damage, and if they can survive. You can move a powerful unit into range of the enemy, get them to move forward, weaken themselves, and then move in weaker units to finish them off and gain XP. You can put a unit with high amounts of health at a chokepoint and let them sit there and take damage and then give them full health with your healer the next turn, rinse and repeat. That’s about all there is to the game… learning to account for all variables, and just going with the flow of the game and opponent you’re facing.

Anyways… I’m enjoying it… so I think I’ll go ahead and play so more now… I’ll upload this blog entry later today… if not, it was written on June 18.

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