Sunday, May 4, 2008

1st may update...

I can’t wait for summer.

Well, correction, I CAN wait for summer, I do so for most of the year, but still, you get the picture.

Anyways… you know, I’ve just realized how much I LOVE roleplaying. I mean, I don’t care if I get labeled a geek, but it is darn fun. Right now I’m involved in 3 active, two on hold/cancelled and 1 just about to begin Roleplays… all of them rock.

Surviving Earth… amazing game. I love the banter that all the PCs have, and well, the way we’ve evolved as characters. Apparently, Josh Foreman (my PC) is a wacko-jouralist who is going to chop everyone to bits with his katana and such… (fun?). As for the others, they are cool too, we are in a fight for our lives in Mymirdia’s Fury, which is sorta funny, because we’re basically all getting mugged in a dark alley way… and I’ve very afraid that my PC will get killed or critically wounded… you know what I mean? If you don’t, let’s put it this way, I have no fortune points (to-hit rerolls) and half wounds, no way to dodge or parry attacks and well… just a normal hand-weapon. Luckily, we have a pair of dwarves (melee masters!) and a mage (who just pwned someone with a magic missile!) so we should win. Whether or not I survive is another story…

My Dark Heresy games… you know, I love Warhammer 40,000, and Dark Heresy did the setting justice very nicely. So my character, Skak “Stubber” is now a member of the inquisition and will be attempting to free his master from his imprisonment on a prison world (where the prisoners have turned the tables on the guards). My companions? One messed-up psyker(wizard/telepath), a pair of guardsmen (or some sort of combat guys), maybe an assassin, one arbitrator (policeman) and me! Hive Ganger and master of pistols! (or at least, that’s the plan… I need to work on getting lots more pistols and the like).

And then, fireborn. AMAZING SYSTEM!!!!ONE!!!11! You understand? I don’t care if I’ve hardly used it… it just IS THAT GOOD. I mean… if the matrix ever met fantasy, this would be it… (so yes… we have the coolness of Neo pwning Agent Smith and the like, but instead of Neo, it’s a supernatural warrior in human form, and instead of Agent Smith it’s a demon of evilness)I mean… what isn’t cool about a character who can breathe fire and packs a pair of H&K USP pistols? Or better yet… MP5s?

As to the rest of my life… its good. Dean Sherman (read: famous speaker) just visited and spoke on what he always does, spiritual warfare… it was good, 2nd time I’ve heard him, and he speaks on some really good stuff… confirming that my entire philosophy about life is right (:D)

What else? I’m playing Company of Heroes… hunting panthers down near some random French town (St Lo)… it’s a good game, very fun.

Hmm… I’ve nearly finished a lot of school, just about 3 more weeks of Math and English… I’ll be doing Latin into the summer and I might do some History, but well… other than that… I’m free!

Write more later… I’m going to have a walk with my dad and then eat dinner… see some of you readers soon! (others… much later, :p)

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