Monday, May 12, 2008

Just got out of Base Worship this morning… great experience. We sang a few songs and then we got together and we prayed for each other. At first it was really confusing (no plan… well… we had a plan… but it was bad one) but by the third round of prayers everyone knew the drill.

So… what happened? Well… we’ve been in the LDC three weeks now, so I basically know the faces of everyone here at the Base in Scotland, maybe not names, but I have faces down. So three people prayed for me: Nancy, Rita, and Sarah (I find it funny that they were all women… is God trying to hint at something here??? :p) so… three prayers, three prophecies. Very nice.

First Nancy prayed for me (along with my Dad) and that was great… I missed a decent bit of the prayer, but I knew the second she began to speak I it was the Holy Spirit… mostly she was just confirming some of the things that God has given to me in the ways of spiritual gifts. Then Rita prayed for me… apparently (and I agree with it, and look forward to it) I am to be a builder of nations (ya! I get to be in charge! :D)… powerful prayer… finally, Sarah prayed over me… I got a rock! (with gold letters on it) it was a prayer of encouragement, God promising me that well… I’m more important than sparrows and flowers. It was also great… I’ve been wondering what’s going to happen at 4him with Jay and Jackie leaving, and us sorta not having a “real” Youth Pastor… Pastor Asa is there, and he really loves sharing, but he is so busy… Deborah is there, but she is, well… Jay was better (no offense to Deborah… but its true…). Hopefully, some of the older guys will step up and help me with the issues I’ll have in my life, or better yet, we’ll get a replacement for Jay. Now… it may sound a bit arrogant for me to say this… but I’m going to need someone pretty smart… because well… I know a lot… I’ve realized that my past year with Jay, I know a LOT about the bible… it’s an amazing thing to think about, but I’ve read nearly every book in the Bible (something most of my friends haven’t done) and I probably know more than any of them (besides maybe Jacob… but even then, it’s pretty close). Not to say that I don’t want a mentor, or new Spiritual Father (or whatever you call it…) but I need someone like Jay who’s been anointed to teach people, or Mark or Evans, who I know really well and I know wants to help me learn about God.

To a degree, it’d be great if it was just us 4himers doing this… me Mark, Evans, Julius, Jacob, Austin, Matt, Max… that could be very interesting. But we do need someone to oversee us… Saion is there but Jay was better. Jay was just… well… wise… he’s 56 and been around the block a few times.

Anyways… those are my thoughts on what happened….

As for the rest of life… its good… I’m enjoying stuff here in Scotland… I’m playing Medieval Total War II… I’ve won two campaigns in the game, a short and a long one, and attempted many others. My English Campaign ended with me ruling: Great Britain, Scandinavia, France, Spain, Germany, some of Eastern Europe, Jerusalem, and a bit of Northern Italy. I would have, eventually, taken Italy, but darn… those Italians are TOUGH! LOTS of Soldiers…

My Danish Campaign was great… ended with me destroying the Germans and Poland, and ruling a nice chunk of Eastern Europe and well… Germany.

My other Campaigns… not so hot. Turkey was doomed to failure. Easy in the beginning, but then crusaders attack you and the Mongols and Timurids (Timur the lame… or Tamerlane) and well… I’m pretty sure it would have gone to really bad really fast.

My Scottish Campaign was horrid… I ran out of money lost, badly. My Venetian campaign was equally bad… I want to try it again, but the campaign just didn’t work very well. Maybe I should try another Italian state… like Milan… or maybe Sicily. Spain and France are also tempting… heck… I like the sound of Poland and Hungary, or Russia… TOO MANY CHOICES!

Well… that’s all for now… I’m going to take a shower and then get started on school.


Manwathiel said...

Wow, sounds like you had a great time at Base Worship! Three prophecies? That is very nice. Ah, the prayer of encouragement is just what it is...very encouraging.

Isaac, the masterofweirdness said...

ya... it was awesome... this week not as good... but we had an AWESOME violinist... i'll talk about 2morrow... need 2 get some sleep... lol its 2:31AM... :D