Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I’m sore, I’m very, very sore.

Why am I sore, you ask? Well… I’m sore because well… I climbed a mountain, then ran down said mountain. Forget the name… Goatfel or Gurtfel or Goatfell something like that… it was a mountain on the island of Arran. It was fun, I went with a lot of the guys who are doing the LDC with my parents… we were all guys, it was fun.

However, the worst part was when we realized that we were going to miss our ferry (which would get us home just in time for dinner)… we still had about 4 miles to go and we needed to umm… run… the entire way. Yes, I ran/jogged about 4 miles in two hours (or something like that) this is why my stomach down aches in pain.

Still… it was fun, we enjoyed ourselves a lot. And well… I need to do things like that every once and a while.

And so… that was what I did on Sunday… Saturday I just played video games, wrote up a character sheet for a Dark Heresy game I’m getting into and well… not much else. Monday was good… I’m finishing up school and will be 90% done by Friday… which rocks. We have base worship on Monday, and a special French team came… pianist/vocalist and violinist… totally awesome. I LOVE the sound that a violin makes, and the vocalist was really good… the piano was decent, I think the violin overpowered it a bit… they really needed a drummer or something to get the beat set up more… that or a rhythm guitar. But anyways, it was still good.

And so… my life is good… I’m enjoying the schedule here and counting the days until I leave for Belgium, which is one step closer to DHAKA!!!

I’ll write more later… until then!


Manwathiel said...

You ran for four miles?? I think my mouth just dropped open... That's insane! Wow. Sounds like you had fun ;).

Isaac, the masterofweirdness said...

you understand why all of us were sore for... three days?

But it was four miles or eat dinner late... I wanted dinner on time. ;)

And no, I don't intend to repeat the procedure anytime soon... it was painful!

Manwathiel said...

Haha, yes, I do understand! I might not have ever run four miles, but I have done enough to make me sore before.
Dinner is very important. *nod*