Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My weekend was… unique. In what ways you ask? Well… my grandfather had appendicitis. His appendix exploded. Yes, he is fine. He in the hospital and quite alright, however, it did mess up my weekend a bit. You see, we were supposed to watch a movie or two, go to Barnes and Nobles, enjoy life, etc. Instead, we end up in the house, ALL DAY LONG with no one… just me and my PC… hey, I think I could make a song out of that… ROFL.

Anyways… so what did I do? I played Civ 4… all day long… I was Spain, in total, I killed Alexander the Great of Greece, and Caesar of Rome, crippled Louis XIV of France, and then tried and failed to defeat Fredrick the Great of Germany. I then proceeded to lose the space race and a Diplomatic Victory that I knew was my only hope of winning… *sigh* I can’t even win on the easy level of play.

The one thing I think I can take home from that game was this… don’t declare war if you can’t win. I knew I couldn’t… I thought that I could possibly swing it… but I couldn’t he just had better military units that I did… at first, it was just some infantry, which would rip apart my cavalry, but then it was marines… yes, war in the modern age is just not fun. Anyways… next time I believe that I will attempt to fight someone more… easy…

Oh, another thing, my diplomatic skills need work… I lost the diplomatic victory because I declared war against Fredrick, and chose the wrong side with the American war of Montezuma v Roosevelt.

So… once again, the Official Empire of Isaac fails in its bid to world domination…. Dumb Chinese and their cheap toys… I bet that’s why the beat me, they bribed everyone to abstain from the voting so they could win!

And now onto the next item on my agenda… Black Industries is shutting down.

No this isn’t some cruel early April Fools’ Joke… its for real, BI, the beloved creaters of WFRP V2 and 40kRPG Dark Heresy are shutting down… the reason… its more profitable to sell novels, not RPG source books. All I can say is… they suck. It really has gotten me angry that Black Library would do this, I mean, its good business sense and they are a business that is in it for the money… but it still sucks. What sucks more is that I have this strange feeling that there will be no sale of PDF format books… and Green Ronin, who has partnered with BI on the RPG development part will probably not be able to continue creating books.

I mean… what I am supposed to say about this? Black Industries introduced me to the wonderful hobby of roleplaying. And, while surely this game will continue to be popular… I just think that it sucks that Black Industries would do this. If they do decide to release their books in PDF format… that would be great, it would mean that I could buy all the Source books at my leisure, instead of deciding what I want to buy and quickly grabbing it all up… and then getting annoyed that I can’t buy other things that I wanted more… but waited for because I can buy them later.

Anyways… I think I’m going to write something else for now… I’m in the car right now, and I don’t want to go back a few miles and see if I can hack the Police’s wireless (unlike Bangaldesh, the police hear are actually competent… sometimes, ROFL)… I’ll upload when I get home.

So… in an attempt to garner some comments… anyone… how was your weekend? You can tell me via email (which I’m not giving because I don’t want spam… if you don’t have it… I don’t want your comment via email) on this blog… on facebook… on MSN or google talk… I don’t care.

You could SMS it to me, or even call me… but I don’t have a cellphone (yet!) so sorry.

Isaac… the masterofweirdness and toastmast4r

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