Friday, January 4, 2008

Check this link

check this link:

It is a blog on my Warhammer 40,000 army... the Fleet of the Black Sun. Eventually, this fleet will compose of a combination of Chaos Space Marines and Traitor IG/Lost and the Damned. Their oppenents, which I will also be creating, the Shrieking Falcons Chapter, are also in the pipeline... though they'll be a while. Finally, I'll also be adding some Grey Knights and a Ordo Malleus Daemonhunter Inquistor... not sure what his name is, but he's a long way off.

Anyways... since I'm blogging, I might as well continue my posting...

Life is good... enjoying the last few days of my holiday, loving my time here. I got my game board today, a nice piece fo 8' by 4' plywood... I've already dumped all my crap on it... its SO HUGE. anyways... I guess I can post pics of it later.

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