Friday, June 22, 2007

Wow... quickie update

Well, I looked at this blog... and realized that I hadn't posted in like 2 weeks...

So, how is my summer? Its fun! I'm playing Evil Genius... (PC game) preparing for RP sessions, and enjoying my involvement with the 4him youth group at church... I go to church 3 times a week now (regular Friday English service... youth music stuff on Thursday and youth group on Friday). Oh, we also play soccer on Saturday.

Also, I'm now gaming more often... you know, going and playing CS: Source at the gaming cafe for really cheap prices. Its all fun.

Also, I am invovled in 2 group stories on the Black Library fan forum... its check it out some time... the fan fiction board has a lot of junk, but also has some good stuff (Rise of the Tau, is a big epic, worth reading if you have the time. Also, a good story I am reading on there is Chaos Orphan, by Monochrome, its pretty gruesome, but very well written). The link to that is:

Anyways... hope all you people (I can use plural... right? right!) are enjoying your summers... I'm enjoying mine!

Signing off for now... Isaac, the (in)famous masterofweirdness

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