Saturday, June 9, 2007

Rain and other

“Raining, so much raining.”

These (according to my father) are words I uttered when I was a wee little boy (if you can imagine me, a 6ft tall 15yr old to be little) said during the monsoon. And, joy of joys, the monsoon is now here in full force… it’s been raining since maybe about 4AM… its now just past 10AM…. So yea, it’s raining.

Yesterday was Saturday, which meant that I went to Youth at church… me and the guys went early and played soccer (erm, football) for a few hours, which was really fun. Oh, and in case you didn’t know, I’m not that good at soccer, still, I had an assist, so I guess that means something.

Finally, I’m getting sick of Hasina and her whining… who’s Hasina? Well, Hasina full name is (IRRC) Sheikh Hasina Wajid, she is the head of the Awami League political party.

You see, if you had been paying attention to Bangladeshi Politics, then you should know that right now the current government is not actually a democratically elected government, but an “interim” government created to prepare the polls for the upcoming election.

Well, to make a long story short the first interim government that was created was unfair and tried to rig the polls for the BNP (Bangladesh National Party, the other main political party), which the AL (Awami League) didn’t like, so they protested by shutting the capital down for a few weeks. It worked, and a new interim government was formed, this one backed by the military (which some have interpreted to say that the military is now running the government, which isn’t true).

This government looked at the polls and said that they are totally screwed up, so they are in the process of fixing it. Meaning the elections that were supposed to happen in January 07 probably won’t happen till January 08.

Now, recently, the Fiscal Year ended, which meant that the Government needed to create a new budget. Now I didn’t read that carefully, but apparently Hasina didn’t like the budget… in the paper to day she made some dumb comment about the budget not being “acceptable” because the government that created it was not “democratically elected” (however, one should ask which government is more corrupt, the democratically elected BNP government of the last 5 years, or the current one… the answer is the BNP, which is strange). And well, to put it mildly, Hasina needs to shut up, everyone’s sick of her whining. I mean, a few months ago she was jumping for joy because she had stopped a rigged election, and now she’s jumping in anger because there is going to be a “free and fair” election that is actually going to be “free and fare”.

And so yes, that is life here in Bangladesh.

Oh, on another note, one of the older Youth dudes (as in, guys from my 4him Youth Group), Elvis is in Dhaka on Summer Holiday, which rocks.

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