Monday, June 11, 2007


It’s wet. I mean, it’s very wet.

Of course, since it’s rained yesterday for like… umm 6+hours I not surprised… still, its weird to touch the furniture or the table and realize that you’ve just touched water.

So yes, yesterday Dhaka flooded, my road was bad, but others were worse (knee and waist deep!), but, now the storm has passed over us and its just amazingly humid (like 90% humidity).

And some other stuff… I was really sick of not knowing how to update my Golden Sun files (in this game called Golden Sun: The Lost Age, if you put this password from Golden Sun into the game you get special bonuses and stuff), so I found a website that somehow managed to give me a password… so I updated one of my Golden Sun: The Lost Age files (YA!).

Also, tommorrow, I, Jacob, Michael, Caleb, and Jacob’s friend (whom I never asked what is name is… lol) will go Gaming for like maybe 2 hours… I just need to SMS Caleb and tell him the time (around 11AM). If you don’t know what gaming is… well, since Dhaka does not have Hi-speed internet people go to little “Game Cafés” where you pay to LAN with other people in the Café… people here mainly play Counterstrike Source and Call of Duty 2, though the warcraft mod Defense of the Ancients (DOTA) is also popular in some Cafés.

And ya, that’s about all… time to get on to school, this should be my last day of non-summer school… w00t!

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