Thursday, June 7, 2007

Math Test

Well, I seem to be writing a lot of short blog entries these days… and well, here’s another one…

I GOT A 92! YA!!!!

On what you ask? Well, on my final Math Exam… this pushes my grade up to between a 89.6 to a 90… so, I’m very happy.

As for the rest of life… well, nothing to report really, life’s good… my foot’s much better (turns out that the whole, “wheel going over your foot” thing isn’t as bad as I thought it was), and I should be done 90% of my school (and hence my regular school schedule… though I’ll have a tiny bit of summer school) will be done by the end of this week (Thursday, it’s a bit compliated to explain why my schedule runs on a Sunday-Thursday schedule… but it does).

Oh, and Caleb will be coming tommorrow… which is good news. However, he will only be here for a week because his family is going to Samoa soon… so that’s bad news.

Oh, besides Caleb, Brian will be coming soon as well… I think he’ll arrive the last week of June, which is still a while away, but, that’s really not that bad… since I’ll have time to hang-out with my friends that live in Dhaka (Jacob, Julius, and Maxim).

Anyways… that’s all I guess.

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