Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Okay, its official, I can tell after playing just 2 full games of HoN that I don't like it.


Not to mock HoN itself, but… there is no point in playing the game at this time. DotA does everything HoN does basically at the same level. And HoN's graphics Engine looks ugly.


I'd be more interesting in HoN if it simply updated Warcraft III's Engine and named all the items/heroes the same thing. But they didn't, and that makes the game confusing. Plus, LoL is a lot nicer about explaining all the powers and abilities of all the heroes. It has… a better interface. Not to mention an easier system for buying items.


So for right now, I'm sticking to LoL, thankyouverymuch. Maybe later on I'll try HoN again and see what it's like, but right now? No thanks.

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