Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Heroes of Newerth

So I played Heroes of Newerth today. It was… different than what I expected.


My initial reaction is that LoL is a much better game. But that's just because I'm used to LoL, I want to say.


However, I will say that Heroes of Newerth, while attempting to stay true to DotA has also brought one of DotA's worst problems: the items.


In DotA, if you do not know the build for your hero BEFORE the game begins, you're in big trouble. It's really difficult to play the game without knowing the build for your hero. REALLY difficult.


In LoL this is not the case. The game has a recommended build for every hero (which is nice. I generally find this build is good and gives the player an idea of what kind of item he or she wants for their hero if they find the need to change the build a little) and the items are nicely organized by what they do. Attack items are bunched together, critical strike items are bunched together, life items are bunched together, etc, etc. The system overlaps too, which is awesome.


HoN does NOT do the above, it appears. In short: this is a mistake. It's a huge mistake. Especially for someone who is a skilled DotA player but has no clue what the heck he is doing because its his first time in Heroes of Newerth. Seriously, the interface and the appearance of the entire set-up… confused me. I was… confused by how it appeared. And the colors weren't very vibrant… but that's stuff I expect to change as I continue to mess with the game.


It's a lot like DotA though, I'll give it that. Whether or not this is actually a bad thing I'm not sure. I'll admit that LoL, while in a lot of ways similar to DotA, it's actually a different game. HoN doesn't appear to try to be a different game at all. It appears to be DotA, but with better graphics.


However, I will say I do like LoL's more cartoony, and tongue-in-cheek style.


I'll try to get a game of HoN in tomorrow. I'll probably play the treant guy, since I know how he works…

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