Friday, December 12, 2008


Well, after what was a very slow middle my Fireborn game on is finally starting to pick up.

The game is the Fire Within introductory adventure. In this game my PCs play as Dragons Reborn in Modern London (well... London 2004). Magic has come back to London and strange things are about.

The PCs I have are Oliver Kneeler, a painter/artist and Felix Drake: A stubborn PI who doesn't want to have anything to do with this "magic" stuff that's been going on. He's in denial about it. I'm running a NPC companion called Robert something who's invovled in a Gang and lives in a run-down part of the city.

So the PCs, after much pushing, pulling, and dragging arrive at a rooftop Cafe where they all talk a bit, and then, suddenly, are attacked. A bullet shatters a pot and a bunch of crazies charge them all and attack with clubs, 2 by 4s and a few random knives. The PCs manage to fight them off (with Robert actually doing the most damage... lol... Felix and Oliver aren't the best fighters). During the fight the thugs overwhelm Felix, meaning that he is unable to dodge a bullet which hits his right shoulder. The party, after defeating the crazies runs off the roof (over the body of teh dead waitress) into an alley to talk a bit.

To put it in nice terms: Felix is mad. Very mad. He didn't want to go to the Cafe (and was kinda dragged by random bouts of pain and naseaa) and now has a bullet in his shoulder. Robert and Oliver manage to help him patch himself up and then Felix (after much yelling, cursing, and name calling by Robert and Felix) walks off in a angry huff. Oliver is more calm, and manages to get Robert's phone number. The two men then depart.

Now, I have a very angry, stubborn PC who proceeds to get drunk and smoke a pack of ciggs. I thought this was really funny but I loved the way it all happened. Plus I really like Felix's character. A very cliche hard boiled PI who doesn't give a darn about anything.

And so now, since he's getting drunk, I have a bit of a solo with the other PC, Oliver. Oliver goes home and does some stuff... and then I have him get a phone call. These people talk to him and tell him to meet these guys at a local bar/restaurant. They talk a bit but basically the guy gives Oliver a package and leaves.

Oliver then, after much moaning, groaning, and thinking, goes to Robert's house. Robert, and his friend Prokash, look over the package and suggest that Oliver should open it. Oliver does so. The package contains a bunch of random newsclippings and photos. Photos of Oliver, Robert, and Felix, plus some guy called Mark Garren. There are also "intelligence reports" on all three people. Robert, using the info given on Mr. Felix, calls the guy, and talks to him.

Several posts later: Felix will be meeting Robert because he is afraid some psycho has info on his family and might use it against him. Felix isn't cruel; just stubborn. So they'll be meeting in a few days.

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