Sunday, August 17, 2008

School now...

Well, last week I started school. Okay… its not as much school as I will have once Potter’s School starts, but still, I started school.

Also, I went gaming on Thursday. And, furthermore, was told about a game called Talisman by Derek.

Oh, and the Stouts are back, and Charles and Chase are in 4him… its nice. We’re also going to try and get Audrey to come to 4him, but that will be easier said than done… she does her homework on Sat. evenings…

And so… gaming… gaming is fun… I like DOTA. We several games, none of which we actually finished (stupid PCs weren’t working properly!). But it was still fun, I played Stormspirit and Earthshaker for the first time in those games. Both heroes were actually quite good, Earthshaker I wouldn’t want to play to much, since he is a more of an advanced hero… but Stormspirit, if I can get a build for him, then he actually looks like quite a good hero.

Oh, and I also played Dragon Knight in our final game. Dragon Knight, you know, he really is just an amazing hero. Give him arcane ring, boots of speed, maybe a bracer or two, and then Heart, and he is an absolute monster! All he needs is another nuker/stunner and he will kill any hero one on one. Furthermore, I like heroes that have high armor… it’s fun to watch a lvl 12 hero with 1000 HP pwn someone with 2000 HP… just because their attacks don’t do any damage.

And Talisman… Talisman is supposed to be a fun MMORPG, which Derek plays. Jacob said he’d download it and then give it to me, then him, me, Michael, and Derek could all play together. Also, I asked Derek about the Cracked version of World of Warcraft, and he said it wasn’t very good, not patched correctly, buggy, and had no players… so I guess I won’t be playing on that server.

What else did I do… well… I tried to win Moo Moo town, but that didn’t work so well. Also, I played a game of Civ 4. I think I was going to lose, but I’m not sure, Egypt got ahead of me in technology, and I could tell that there was no way I was going to win a diplomatic victory, since I need Germany’s vote, and had no way to gain it.


Manwathiel said...

Ahh, those games sound interesting. That's too bad that the cracked WOW won't work [well, bad for us, good for the owners of WOW].

Dragon Knight, Stormspirit, and Earthshaker are all awesome names, even if I have no clue who they are.

Egypt gets ahead of everyone in Civ. Tis not fair. Unless, of course, you're playing Egypt... I always do the best when I play them. Tis rather odd...

Isaac, the masterofweirdness said...

Lol... I like India, I like Gandhi's specials and the fast worker pwns all the other special units.

Dragon Knight, he can shoot fire, which is an AoE (Area of effect) nuke (instant damage). He has a melee stun that at level 4 (max level) is like 2 seconds, which is a good stun. He has a passive that gives him TONS of armor and HP regen. His ultimate turns him into a dragon, giving him extra damage, health, and a ranged attack. Excellent for taking towers and chasing heroes (since your speed is increased).

Stormspirit... I don't know much, a passive that gives you extra damage, I think a nuke, and something else, and his ultimate gives you the power to do something called "lightining grapple" where you can travel a short distance quickly. Good for chasing heroes and running away.

Earthshaker, first power, fissure, is a ranged, AoE stun that stuns everyone in a line. 2nd power is a spell that gives your next attack extra damage. 3rd is a passive that stuns everyone near him every time he casts a spell. Ultimate is a nuke that does damage to everyone near him, and does extra damage for all the enemies near him (IE cast it when their are LOTS of creeps nearby). So... Earthshaker kills like this: Fissure, Ultimate, 2nd Spell, Fissure, dead enemy. I like him. :D