Saturday, August 23, 2008

Random stuff... an update

Well, once again, WCG (World Cyber Games) has come and gone in the wonderful land of Bangladesh. This year, they actually had two tournaments before going off to the finals in some other land (this year, Germany). And, once again, I missed it…

Not that there was anything I could do. I mean, they FINALLY got Counter Strike v1.6 to be played here, but I have no clan to play with… unless you count me, Nathan, Jacob, Michael and maybe one of Jacob’s friends. And sorry, that’s the lamest excuse for a clan I’ve ever seen, since none of us are any good. Okay, I know how to play counter strike. I can play with a SMG, pistol, most rifles (no snipers) and am smart enough to use frag and flash grenades. But, against a real pro, I don’t stand chance.

Of course, assuming that we get DOTA to be played next year, I might actually stand a chance. First off I’d have to get a clan, but that would be easy… me, Michael, Derek, Jacob, one of Derek’s friends. It’d actually be a pretty decent clan, since we actually know what we are doing. Of course we’d have to practice and get our own heroes (a stunner, a killer, a tanker, a farmer, another stunner probably…). Something like: Earthshaker, Spiritbreaker, Centaur, Razor/Drow, Dragonknight… good combination, IMO.

What else… well, 4him was good as always. We had a good time of worship and a very good message, as well as some fun games. Getting home was a pain, but it was a holiday the next day, so the amount of traffic and the lack of transport was kinda expected… still, it wasn’t fun.

And so, with not much else to talk about, I’m going to talk about Talisman. Talisman is good, it’s a bit 2D because all you seem to do is kill various enemies, and team up with other people to kill various enemies. You can duel, but that is only so entertaining…

On the upside, it is fun killing stuff, level up, report to my master (Derek, the guy who got me into this game) and then kill more stuff. I enjoy it. It’s not WoW, or Everquest, or Guild Wars, but it is free, I can play it on my internet speed, and my friends play it. So… I guess, for a free game, it gets my approval.

Okay, off to read my book… write more later.


Manwathiel said...

I do love Wikipedia... I'm reading about WCG right now, sounds very interesting, but it's too bad that you missed it.

4him sounds good--our youthgroup has started in Cambodia, tis alright so far, it's nice to get away and see people that I don't normally get to see.

That cracked me up, "it's fun killing stuff" sounds like a relatively decent game... And it's free, so that seems to make up for the lack of anything other than, well, killing stuff.

Isaac, the masterofweirdness said...

I've actually thought about WCG... first off, I'm not even sure if they'd let me play, being an American Passport Holder (since this is a tournament were one DOES represent their country...)

Still, it'd be nice if even some of my friends were good enough to stand a chance to play.

of course, the best thing is that DOTA should be an actual game for WCG next year... let's just hope that Bangladesh has enough good players to do us proud!

Manwathiel said...

Ahh, it would be awesome if they did let you play. You know, they might, I know of several circumstances (not with WCG, but similar things) where people with Phillipino passports were able to represent Cambodia in international events... You never know!

That would be really nice--at the very least you could cheer your friends on. Ahh, that's good! I'll cheer for Bangladesh!
Next year WCG will end up in Chengdu, right?

Isaac, the masterofweirdness said...

If Wikipedia is right then it is. I should be in Dhaka that summer, so I can hope to play. First year where DOTA IS A WCG EVENT!!!!!!!!

Now all I need to do is make an official clan... shouldn't be to hard, since we already have like... 5-6 players.

Manwathiel said...

That's awesome!! I hope that you get to do it.

I have no idea what constitutes a clan--I'll have to read up on Wiki again, heh--but it sounds like you can definitely do it.