Wednesday, August 27, 2008

SAT Practice Test

I just took my first Practice SAT… very interesting experience.

First off, the Essay, and all the various English bits won’t be that hard on the real thing. If I work really hard I can get a very good score. However, the math… that math will be hard…

Let’s put it this way, there were three sections in the math section of the SAT, all of them were about a problem a minute. The first two, I did decent in, not amazing, but I wouldn’t say I did bad… that last one… I did horrid. Okay, I was tired (darn the test is draining!) and I couldn’t think properly, but still, if it had been a real exam, I would have been in trouble.

I still haven’t gotten my results yet, but I should have them in by the end of the day. I’ll write about my results and what I need to improve on them later.

Overall, it was a good experience, the book has another 8 of these “practice tests.” I’ll probably take at least one more, if not two, as well as the PSAT later on this year. I’m planning on taking the SAT in May 09.

The thing that I think is really good about this test is that it shows me how much TPS has helped me. All the problems on the SAT I could have, if given the right amount of time, and some extra preparation (I basically took the test cold) could have been answered and I would have been confident of my answers. Only the math section was really challenging, I had really been panicking about the Essay, but it turned out to be quite easy. And, while the quality of what I wrote probably wasn’t as good as the one Essay I wrote in English 9 that got a 100 (yes, I did manage to get an A+).

Umm… I need to go gaming, I’ll write more later.


Manwathiel said...

Thank you, thank you for posting that here... I'm taking the psat around October for practice and the SAT will come soon after... eep. My mom has a gigantic SAT practice manual for me. Tis quite scary. But it's good to know that it was...well, doable. I'm still going to freak out about mine, though.

A question a minute? I hate those.
And yeah, a pathetic-Katherine-question: Did they go over much grammar? If so, how much did they go over?

Isaac, the masterofweirdness said...

There is a Writing section, and you do have to "correct setences" so grammar might be important. Still haven't gotten my results yet, but I've always found that things like that come naturally, as a person who speaks english as a first language, I can feel pretty confident about those questions.

You have a big SAT book? lol, I bet we have the same one. And yes, I take the PSAT in oct... quick question, where in the states are you playing on going to college?

Manwathiel said...

Ah, just correcting sentences? No problem there. It's only when I have to tell the difference between verbs and adjectives that I have problems... *sigh*

You probably do! Or at least one like it. The thing is ginormous and my mom is planning for me to trade it with my friend's book (which is equally as large).
College locations... I have no idea. I'd like to go to college in Texas or Georgia, preferably (and there are some awesome colleges in those states), but I wouldn't mind going to somewhere in CA or Florida either... I really haven't been looking at colleges according to their location... Do you know where you're planning to go?

Isaac, the masterofweirdness said...

I will in all likely-hood go to school in Texas, around the Austin area. This is mainly because my grandparents and one of my (6) aunts lives in that area.

The schools I have decided to apply to are:

St. Edwards Uni
Baylor Uni
Mary-Hardin Baylor Uni (because when I visited, I was able to apply for free... so all I have to do is send them my SAT scores... not really because I want to go there... good school... just to... white... I guess)

I suggest you look at them all... it'd be cool if we could go to the same school, no? Oh, and yes, Baylor is on the top of that list, most definatly.

Manwathiel said...

Baylor! That's actually currently top of my list... It kind of went down a ways when I visited Covenant in Georgia, but Covenant didn't have Geology, so I had to scratch it off the list, even if it was my dream college in all other ways... So Baylor's actually at the top of my list again. I find its size to be rather intimidating, though... We were going to visit it while in Texas in the summer, but it was Day of the Bear for it or something, so we ended up not going. Oh well...
I'll look up those other colleges you mentioned! Yes, it would definitely be cool to go to the same school. *nod*