Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Oh, the miseries of this life!

Yes, life is terrible. Dustin is leaving (/cry) but this means we are in charge of Kid’s Church (by we, I mean Jo) (/clap). We had a guys night *is happy* but we also have much school *is sad* I wrote an essay *is proud* but I don’t know how good it is *is annoyed that despite hard work, will possibly receive unacceptable grade*.

I think you get the point.

Well… I’m figuring out my laptop. I’ll be ordering it within the next week or so, maybe later. It’ll be Alienware, 15.4” Plasma screen, good graphics card, 2Gig ram, 160gig hard drive, Window Vista, etc.

Anyways… I’m going to go to Jacob’s now.



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