Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Well, my Mom finally decided, after much straining, thinking, and stressing, decided to sign me up for a Potter’s school English class.

So, this morning, while I was pursuing the magic section of my WFRP Corebook (I haven’t really read the others as much, and, at least for a while, don’t need to do so), my mom handed me to groups of paper and said, “Which class do you want to do?” So I had a choice, English 9 (yes, I know it’s a 9th Grade Course and I’ll be in 10th Grade), or Writing Composition, I chose English 9.

Why? Well, Potter’s school is pretty demanding, my sister has had to work her butt off for her class, and mine hasn’t been that easy either (okay… actually, that’s not totally true, I’m maintaining a straight A average with ease). The Writing Composition looked really challenging (like, PLEASE, PLEASE DON’T give a C!) and while the English 9 looked like I could pass pretty easily (while at the same time, learning quite a bit). Also, Writing Composition was like an all grammar class… grammar, grammar, grammar, grammar. Grade 9 English on the other hand was a little of everything… essays, reading stuff, Bible stuff, grammar, journaling, AND NOVEL WRITING!!!!

So, yes, I’m doing English 9.

Peace People.

Isaac the masterofweirdness

Oh, anyone who hasn’t already done so wanna leave a comment? I’d appreciate it. I know that at least one person is reading this… but, well, one person in the entire world of bloggers on blog.com is sorta depressing.

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