Saturday, May 12, 2007

4him Retreat

Well, I just got back from the annual (or at least, usually annual I think) 4him retreat.

4him is my Church Youth Group, this current generation (somewhere in limbo between the 1st and the 2nd generation I’d say) is about 44 people. Of these 44 people about 30 live in Dhaka (many are now in university or boarding school abroad).

Anyways, so I’m back from the retreat, we left from church on Friday after the morning English service (yes, church is on Fridays… it’s a bit lengthy to explain), and arrived at the place were we spent the retreat (a Bangladesh Baptist Campground sorta place called the Prayer Garden) in time for a late lunch (2:30ish) of Dhal, Rice, and Chicken Curry.

Anyways… I could go on about how what we ate, but I’m not. Mainly, we had a lot of free time to hang around, as well as a good bit of worship and sharing from everyone, some people shared some really personal stuff, which was cool.

Oh ya, I also converted Julius (one of my friends at 4him) to Warhammer Fantasy Role-play, which is cool, I (as the Game-Master) ran a intro scenario called Through the Drakwald for him and Jacob (another one of my friends), and we set up a place were we can meet regularly.

It was a blast… the Prayer Garden is a great place to go to relax and enjoy ones self. It’s very basic: cots on the floor with mosquito nets, hard pillows (which I like), and very simple food, but its still a great place. I think some of my favorite memories are from playing with my friends at the Prayer Garden… but I’d better stop thinking about that ‘cos I’m already getting nostalgic.

The only thing I think that the retreat was missing, was more time, I felt this retreat we had more time than the last one, but, still I would like to have another 12 hours to spend, you know, leave Dhaka Thursday afternoon, and comeback Saturday afternoon. 48 hours instead of 24.

For more on Through the Drakwald, check out my other blog, (if that doesn’t work, check out my profile, that’ll give a proper link).

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