Monday, September 22, 2008

Randomness... and a rant

Nothing new yet… still… I’m updating… why not?

I played Razor in DOTA… I’ve decided that while Razor appears to be imba (imbalanced for you non-nerds) he really insn’t, even if he can get about every level 4 item in the game if he has about 60 minutes and a really good creep count. I nearly did. :D

However, I don’t care what you say, Lich is the most imba hero ever created. NERF LICH!!!! Oh… and buff dragon knight please, that way I can pwn everyone with him :p.

What else… I found an older version of Moo Moo Town that is winnable, you can spam healing potions much easier in this version. Me like! I cheated to win it, but I figure with 3 heroes it could be winnable rather easily.

I’ve also decided that the Grapes of Wrath isn’t that good of a book… clichéd characters and far too much Marxism for my liking… capitalism works! Even if the current economic situation seems to disagree with me -_-.

Ah… I was going to talk about music. You know… its kinda annoying, but my favorite bands of all time do things that I/my friends could never imagine doing if we/they (I don’t play an instrument, remember?) ever formed a band. Nightwish… AMAZING BAND. But… we need a few things that I can’t think of finding:

1. Someone with a keyboard that can be programmed with MIDIs, oh… and the ability to do said programming in the first place…
2. A GOOD female vocalist… one who can sing rather high… unlikely.
3. Someone who actually likes Nightwish to play guitar and drums… oh… and Michael to learn Bass…

Then there is dragonforce… *laughs* why bother… the greatest guitarist I know (Mark) was nowhere close to Herman Li or Sam Totman. Not to mention we need 2 eletric guitars, 5 people with a sense of humor (come one… read the lyrics… they are plane stupid!) and a double bass drum set (not to mention someone fast enough to drum said drum set).

Oh… but how about Demonhunter or another metalcore band… okay, I won’t laugh… but it won’t happen. Only Jacob and me can take music of that level, and even I don’t like As I Lay Dying THAT much… I can’t stand Underoath, for the most part (to… discordant). Plus, we need a good lead and rythmn guitarist, a drum that can do double bass drumming, and someone who has enough vocal skill to do growling vocals/clean vocals and not ruin his vocals… okay… I think I will laugh *laughs*

Sometimes I wonder why I was put here… amongst friends to whom heavy is… Kutless… and can only think of bands in terms of worship music (which rocks… but seriously, think concerts… in Dhaka… worship music isn’t exactly that popular…)

Right now, I think the best we could do is something along the lines of Breaking Benjamin, (Alt. Metal)… but we run into the problem of needing a 5 piece band… on and someone who can actually sing. I mean, Max is there… but remember that line about Kutless? Yep… he’s that person…

If only I could sing… if only Jacob could sing (not that he exactly looks like a singer…) if only Michael could sing…

Of course, we could TRY to have me sing… but that would be… a massive fail… it’d be funny, in a sad sort of way.

*goes off to listen to Nightwish and dream of meeting a vocalist of equal skill as Annette*


Manwathiel said...

Your music rant made me laugh--I can relate,strangely enough. Not that I've ever tried to start a band, but I have mused about how awesome it would be.

Grapes of Wrath not good? Hm. I fail to remember whether or not that was on my reading list for this year... Ah well, cliché books are fun to make fun of, at any rate.

Isaac, the masterofweirdness said...

Lol... ahh yes. Its also funny when I look at our church and realize something.

We have 5 drummers... one bassist (erm... two... but one guy who plays all the time), two keyboardists (one who plays bass, the back up guy above) two guitarists, and a few decent vocalists (our best vocalist is also a drummer... go figure).

You'd think we'd have more guitarists... but no... five drummers. You do realize that I went to a bunch of churches in the states and not one of them had a decent drummer, if any at all... we have at least 3 good ones, a decent one (he's good... he'll be the best of them all if he keeps his drumming up) and one who I don't really know about.

All I want is a vocalist... and a drummer... to play in my band. The rest I can make up for... I know someone who'd play guitar...

Anyways... I need to write my comp.