Monday, September 15, 2008

Life is normal...

Since I haven’t done so in a while I am now blogging again.

So far, the week has been okay… I’m behind in Science, but that should be soon remedied… mostly. Its kinda scary, I have more math in my Science than I do in my Math… crazy, no?

Also, I got my graphing calc a few days ago. It’s a TI-84 Plus (Silver Edition). It’s… big… but cool. I’m still getting used to all the fancy features and unique button locations (well… at least different from my old Casio calc).

I’ve been playing DotA a bit, as usual. Man… I love that game… it’s amazing.

And I can’t think of anything else that has happened worth mentioning… a bit sad really, that means my life has been normal since I last blogged!

Well… there was the traffic jam that I got stuck in for two hours… but that wasn’t really exciting… I just sat in traffic… broke a sweat… and talked to Jacob, who was with me.


Manwathiel said...

Normality is good.
For the most part, that is.
Oh dear, two be verbs...
*shuts up*
Anyway, it does sound like your life has been normal lately.
Two hour traffic jam? That's painful. I think the worst traffic jam I've ever been in was an hour... I ate my brother's candy.

Isaac, the masterofweirdness said...

I've been in worse jams... along the Pune Mumbai Highway... those were bad... but this was the worst I've been in here in Dhaka.

Hilary Hughes said...

Ok I'm totally being ignorant here, but do you have crazy drivers over there? *remembers Amazing Race episodes where the driving was just....scary*

Isaac, the masterofweirdness said...

all drivers are crazy in Dhaka.

Especially the bus and truck drivers... the CNGs (called Auto Rickshaws in India) are somewhat crazy, but only because if they weren't, they wouldn't get anywhere.

Then we have idiots who like to pretend they are speed racer... in their toyotas... :D

Manwathiel said...

Ha! I can relate to the crazy drivers--but not so much to the traffic jams. Phnom Penh is so small that it wouldn't take you an hour to drive from one end to the other in decent traffic.

Lydia said...

Hil? I'm not allowed to go on your blog... what's up with that????

up here, we have a LOT of reckless drivers.. because we have backroads and all that and some ppl think that they are the only ones on that road... and then there are the potholes... AH!!!!


Isaac, the masterofweirdness said...

you can't view my blog???

or are u talking about hilaryH's blog? She blocked me from viewing it for a while... (parent thing).

Lydia said...

yeah, I was talking but hil. oh ok.. whew.. I thought she didn't like me for a min.. lol. JKJK.


Lydia said...

*about hil..


Hilary Hughes said...

awww no lyd, *is back open*