Monday, December 10, 2007


Darn it! I forgot to upload my two most recent blog entries...

well there they are, this one is dated December 5

Hmm… I haven’t blogged in a while… so I guess I’ll go ahead and do so.

My life, day by day, grows more and more crazy. What can I do? A cyclone hit Bangladesh… giving my parents extra work, their company is getting audited, and my mom, being unofficial head accountant for her company in Bangladesh is really busy. My dad is in the process of getting himself ready for leaving for the States. Making sure he has the right presentations and the like… ya know? It’s a lot of work… and a pain.

And me… I have school… lots of school. Science has been easier, one experiment shouldn’t be too hard, on the other (if we do it) will not be too bad. Next module we don’t have any experiments, YA! It’s on Evolution… I already read through it a while back, and it’s very good… Dr. Wile does a great job of pointing out all the flaws, misconceptions and bad ideas that the Theory of Evolution has… it’s really sad that scientists continue to believe it. You would think they’d give up and come up with a new, equally flawed idea… but no, they just edit and change the Theory of Evolution… sad.

Anyways… I am, for the hundredth time playing Neverwinter Nights… doing what I call speed leveling. I am using a combination of cheats and knowledge of stuff to grab all the crap I need from chapters 1 and 2 to get to chapter 3 ASAP. I should finish Chapter 2 by the end of this weekend. And hopefully get to chapter 4 by the time we get to the States… if I work really hard, I might be able to go to chapter 5… but I doubt it.

Also… the more I play Neverwinter Nights, the more I realize how stupid DnD is… I am a level 6 Dwarven Barbarian… I can easily take on 4-5 orcs (with the help of my level 6 Halfing Rogue) or ten-twelve goblins with real ease. Now… while that may not sound bad… the thing is… they don’t even hurt me… it would probably take 15 orcs… attacking me AT once to do any reasonable damage… even then, I wouldn’t die as I would have three or four potions… which I should be able to use. Plus, I usually don’t bother with using my Barbarian rage, which would help. Oh… did I mention I have magical armor and a magical sword… at only being level 6?

Now… while WFRP may be more of on the opposite edge… to me it’s more realistic. By the time a player gets to say… their 2nd career, they can easily take on 1-2 1st career monsters. So, a party of 4 could take on 4 1st career people with a very good chance of winning. If they were really unlucky, or most of the characters were non-combat characters (IE a scribe, servant, valet, and student, instead of a Soldier, Wizard, Bounty Hunter, and Mercenary… or even a mix of them, a Bounty Hunter, Servant, Student and Merc), they may end up losing.

But in DnD… only fighting 1 person per PC? What crap is this! No, no, you must take on 10 people per PC to make sure of a kill. I swear, by level 10, I could probably break into a poorer noble’s mansion and kill everyone… wait… I did that at level 5!!!! With what? One rogue and one barbarian/fighter… once I even did it with a pair of fighters… it gets a bit silly, IMHO. Especially when I start killing giants… that was just plain dumb.

So… for all of those here who are going to be making RPGs… please, remember, NO STUPID POWER LEVELS! NORMAL POWER LEVELS PLEASE! I DON’T WANT TO BE ABLE TO KILL GIANTS REGULARLY AT LEVEL 12! (Out of twenty mind you… so that would be a character who has gained 60% of his exp… plus my henchman… so two characters…).

If you must include Giants, Dragons, and the like, make them only killable by HIGH END characters… in DnD terms that would probably be characters with SUPER UBER GEAR!!!!11!!! IE longswords +10 that does 3D6 extra fire/ice/sonic/whatever damage and armor of equal power that are around levels 19-20…

In WFRP terms, that’s a lucky party of warrior characters (Champions, Witch Hunters, and Daemon Slayers…) with a few magic weapons (Greatsword that does extra damage) and is smart (IE they trip the dragon instead of attacking it outright… that or bring an army and dragon-slaying objects with them).

End of Rant.

See you next time.


PS you may be wondering why I am playing Neverwinter Nights, eh? Well… it’s because I don’t have anything better to do. DOTA is boring unless I can play multi-player as my favorite hero is not in AI mode (he is now the Sacred Warrior… I LOVE this guy). Sims 2 is okay for temporary distractions… but only such. There is only so many times I can power level my way through a family… getting everyone to the top of their careers in 27 days… so here I am… playing Neverwinter Nights… a game I never bothered to beat because I kept messing up my saves and stuff.

Don’t worry, once I go to the states I will get a Real copy of Company of Heroes, Call of Duty 4, Medieval Total War II, and play Dow: DC and DOTA online… plus all the other games I talked about… not to mention start assembling new 40k models and stripping (paint wise) old ones…

And the next one, dated December 10th

This Saturday I went to the 4him “formal” christmas party that we had.

Actually, it was really formal, more like semi-formal. Generally, the men were supposed to wear pants and nice shirts, and if they could, a tie as well. The girls were encouraged to wear skirts of some sort or a nice saree/sawar.

Anyways… it was nice and fun. We hung out, talked, ate lots of good food (mostly chicken… no rice, surprisingly, and a beef pie which was very nice), drank lots of good drinks (Chocolate Milk! Soda! Water!) and good desert (Lemon Cake and Chocolate Cake… plus some local sweet thingie and donut bits… all very good). We had the traditionally 4him White Elephant Gift Exchange… the one where everyone gets a number, and, in that number order, you take turns picking out a gift. However, once you have picked your gift, it can be “stolen” from you. One gift can be “stolen” twice. If your gift was “stolen” you can “steal” another gift (but you can’t steal yours right back!) or take another gift from the tree.

The fun thing about this is that the good gifts are often stolen a lot and the bad gifts (gag gifts… like toothpaste and soap) curse their owners with the fact that they must pray that someone is strange and takes their gift… fun, no?

The party was fun… it is always great hanging out with my friends, and the food was really good. So, I enjoyed myself.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Oh… only 12 more days till we go to the States… I’m not sure if that’s totally a good thing… I still have a lot of school and my parents are beginning to panic with the amount of work they have…

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