Thursday, June 4, 2009

Far Cry 2

So I started playing Far Cry 2 yesterday.

It’s a fun game, low on plot (which is good… few FPS games are able to give their players a really good story to follow) and high on action and stealth. So far only a few things bother me:

1. How hard it is to figure out WHO is shooting me and how many of them there are. I sneak into a village and get shot at, but can’t tell from where, and if there are two, three, or ten of these bad guys. ARGH!

2. Not enough stealthly stuff. This is obviously a game that rewards stealth and the like, yet I find it hard to tell if I’m about to be seen, or my enemy is going to ignore me. Crysis had a “stealth meter” of sorts, I’d like one of those in this game.

3. THE GUN! IT DOES NOTHING! Well, not really… but the fact that it took FOUR shots to the chest/head (all of which hit, btw) to down a guy a medium range is STUPID. This is on easy too (I died 5 times on medium… argh!).

These are all somewhat annoying, but I can live with them. I just need to remember to be very careful and shoot lots. Anyways… other than those things the game is rather fun. I’m trekking around a war-torn African nation killing soldiers and doing jobs for both sides in an attempt to find the location of “the Jackal” a notorious arms dealer who is arming both sides. Of course, I need to KILL the jackal, because I’m a good guy. ;)

The game seems to do a decent job of pretending to be realistic. The currency is rough diamonds… you need to use stealth… car get wrecked and brushfires start easily. Its open ended so you have lots of different options for completing missions. From sniping everyone to sneaking in and stealth-killing (read: use machete) the guards. Or a mixture of both. OR like me you could attempt to use stealth, fail, get angry run around crazy hiding and shooting and hiding and shooting and using a health pack to stay alive. This method seems to be working great though.


Abhishek said...

Sounds fun. Too bad we don't have a PC capable of running anything past 06...

Isaac, the masterofweirdness said...

Yes, my brother has that problem.

But on the other hand all you need for a computer is DotA, Counerstrike (Source if you can handle the graphics) and Starcraft. You are have the best RTS, RTS/RPG and FPS games in the world.