Thursday, May 21, 2009


You know what’s kinda annoying? Most of you should know that I listen to Nightwish and that after Nightwish finished their tour for their Once (2005) Album, they fired their lead vocalist Tajra Tuuren due to a wide variety of reasons.

Well, anyways, Tarja released a solo album that I have and most of it isn’t really that good actually. I mean, she has a wonderful voice and she does a good job with the vocalization, musically the thing is a far cry from Nightwish’s release with their new female vocalist.

Anyways, the best song, imo, on Tarja’s album (My Winter Storm) is a Alice Cooper cover called Poison. Good song, makes me want to get the Alice Cooper original… but anyways, at the end of the song they have some male vocalization and what’s really annoying is the guy SOUND EXACTLY LIKE NIGHTWISH’S male vocalist… you know, the guy Tarja DOENSN’T work with anymore? So… yes, that’s rather annoying. I mean, seriously, have all the male vocals you want, but don’t go and find a copycat for the guy you used to sing with. Marco doesn’t work with you, don’t pretend he does. When Nightwish fired Tarja they didn’t find a Tarja copycat to replace her, they found a new vocalist who sounds nothing like Tarja, specifically so that no one would compare the two.

Also… I finished my programming class today. Took me forever, but thanks to my classmates and my teacher I finally got all the bugs out of my Chutes and Ladders assignment and I now have a working Chutes and Ladders game in Visual Basic. Very nice. But seriously, I had one major problem and a few bugs that, in total, took me and one of my classmates an entire HOUR to figure out. Crazy, no?

*sigh* I’m so glad to be done with programming. I mean I enjoyed the class, but it was very frustrating for me because I felt like I wasn’t able to learn at the pace the class expected me. At the same time, while I did enjoy parts of the class and the many moments where things just “clicked” were amazing, most of the time I got really frustrated in the class and felt rather… stupid. Though, I do have to say it was a very informative class because I now know what programming is all about. Can’t say I exactly like it… but I do still really enjoy technology and I do want to be involved with computers and software stuff in the future. I think the key is figure out how I can be involved with software development (especially in the form of video games. :D) while at the same time not do a large amount of programming itself. Of course, the problem is how do I work with programmers without knowing what, exactly, they do? It’s a question I’ll have to answer at another point in life.

And I am so tired… I think I might actually take a nap today… wow. Anyways, next week is my last official week of Eleventh Grade. I have just 4 more latin Lessons, a final test and then my Math and English final and I’m on summer holiday. Yippee!


Abhishek said...

Well, there are many aspects of video game developing, as you probably know.

If you feel squeamish about programming, you could go for the production aspect. There you would be able to call a few shots, as well as be closely involved in most aspects of the game's development. Or if your more of the artsy type, you could go for the design.

Either way, if you want to get into software development, you should know at least a little programming.

Isaac, the masterofweirdness said...

Yes, Abhishek I know I need at least a little programming. Which is why I stuck this class out. depending on how things work out I do want to take some IT classes in college.

But production is kinda the side of video games I always felt drawn too...

And no, I'm not artsy. At least not with my drawing or anything. Great writer, bad artist.

Abhishek said...

Yeah. Well writing is Art. I feel it is important not to be stuck with just one field of expertise. So you're on track.

I think production(the creative/development) is my favorite part of any media/film project. Because you get to work with both the artistic as well as the technical parts. Instead of being stuck in an extremely narrow field.

Isaac, the masterofweirdness said...

"Yeah. Well writing is Art."

Yes, it is, but when people say "art" they mean stuff like sketching, drawing, painting etc. Being a writer I also think of dance and other types of art...

I should actually probably update this thing...