Sunday, November 11, 2007

My Weekend II

My weekend was, once again, really fun. First off, we had a good church service, then I went to club and ate lunch. Afterwards, me and Julius (who came with for a sleepover) lost a game of football (soccer for you Americans) to three other guys. It wasn’t that they were better… they just had a goalie… and more players.

So, then we come home, hang out, and Jacob comes by, we hang out some more, we get dinner, have dinner, watch Top Chef, and then Roleplay, which I will tell you about on my WFRP Campaign blog. All I will say is that it was amazing.

Anyways… after we roleplay, we just hang out a bit… we talked about random stuff... and about 1:30AM I went to sleep.

The next morning we have chocolate chip pancakes, I tell Julius about DOTA, Jacob left early to go to a concert (NOT that kind of concert… just him and some other kid’s doing this thing called God’s Candidates). So, we hang out, Julius prepares to lead worship at 4him, and then we go to 4him.

At 4him, Dustin spoke… which was great, he gave his testimony about how God brought him to Bangladesh and how God saved him from Leukemia and all that. It’s a really great story.

Then we come home… go to sleep and well… it’s now Sunday.

Oh, one more thing. We now have a tentative night for 4him Formal Christmas Party. What does this mean? It means I have to wear a tie and collared shirt to a party… evil… stupid… silly…

Anyways… onto life.

Oh, DOTA 4.49b is now out… just remember, you have to have a patched version of Wacraft III: The Frozen Throne, before you can play!

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