Friday, February 16, 2007

My Thailand Trip

Yes, I left Thailand over a week ago… still, I might as well tell you guys (I hope I can use plural here) what I did there.

First off, the airport in Dhaka was packed, fog had backed up the entire airport, and all the flights were delayed. When we finally got on the plane I enjoyed my meal and my novel (Inheritance by Steven Savile, a vampire story).

Then we flew to Bangkok, and then to Changmai, where we were going to have our Conference (I can’t say what conference it was for security reasons… we called it the “Family Conference”).

It was fun, worship ROCKED! (Like when 4him play at church, only for 4 days in a row). And the childcare was great… the best thing though was that there were kids (okay, teens) there my age (Dave 17, and Sam 12 I think) were the two guys I hung out with. They were both really, really fun. I had met Sam a few years ago at another Conference, and Dave was awesome.

One of the cool things about being in Changmai was that I got to see Matt Scott and Caleb, it was neat, and I saw Caleb several times because his dad was there, but I only saw Matt once.

The best thing about the Conference was Paintballing. We went paintballing with this Local YWAMer, Shaun, and it rocked, 2 teams of 6 with good guns (not like the crap things that were super heavy we used here). However, my team wasn’t that good, it was sorta a bit of bad luck, but we didn’t win any of our 3 games (though I would say only the 3rd game was really “even”). I got hit on the upper leg once and the face mask several times (like 4). After those games I played against Shaun with the remaining bullets while everyone else rode ATVs… which they all enjoyed.

Oh, we also went to this cool natural waterfall for my sister’s birthday… that was pretty fun.

Anyways… don’t know what my next post will be on… maybe a little about Warhammer Fantasy Role Play, my latest obsession.

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Marjorie said...

Enjoyed your post, Isaac. Keeping writing!